If grief is like a slough,

then anger is a pair of boots that help you walk though it.

because you can’t ignore it.

You can’t walk around it.

You must walk though it.

And, when Carol Comeau said, “Ben Hardwick has his supporters.”

and Mike says, “Hitler had his supporters, too”

And when Jan Christensen said, “The bar is not high enough to fire him.”

and I said, “My children are not a high enough bar–what will it take?”

So who determines what to grieve?

Trust gone?  Betrayal?  Being told, just told anything

to fill the space that truth will invade if left empty?

Permeate the air with new energy, only to find the same black spirit

pervasive, with no change.

To grieve anew, when lied to, used and with choices denied.

Who should take it upon himself to withhold?  Is that how he would want to be treated?  Or was it the easy way, the learned way, repetition numbing responsibility or ability to reach out.

Playing games on planes of the Universe.

Slapping aside any who say they want to play.

Paid players winning with fouls, refs bought to say the play.

and the commissioner says, go forward, apply constant pressure

But don’t get mad.

I think it is really–don’t let people see you get mad.

Mad, anger, motivation, to apply persistence.

Who could do it day in and day out

in the middle of a Happy Dance?


“When you know

who you are

and what you stand for,

you stand in wisdom.”


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“God must have

really good things for you, since the Devil is after your tail all of the time.”

–that’s what my mom always said

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If God…

wanted me to be a doormat, He would have made me long, flat and skinny.

-the Gospel according to my mom

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Because you are

a kindred spirit–

come–and stand beside me

upon this familiar hill–where the wind sweeps upward from the valley–

and touches us with its cooling fragrance–


and rest for

awhile–and watch the brown grasses gently nodding–and hear the whispered music of the oak leaves–

here upon this hill–we

are close to the things eternal–you and I

close to the essential things–the things of

the spirit–the unseen things

here upon

this peaceful hill–the wind sings softly in the gathering dusk–listen–listen and let your troubled heart–

sing with the wind.

Winston Abbott

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where the ageless hills reach upward to the ageless stars…

here where a century is measured as a day

I hold these numbered years called life within my trembling hands…

these fragile years touched with wonder and with mystery…

there seems to be so little time

in which to learn the purpose for our living…

and yet…

in the changeless pattern of things that are to be…

there must be both meaning and purpose…

or we would be insensitive to the healing power of beauty…

and the sustaining power of love…

perhaps I am here to touch but a single heart…

or to fill a single need…

or to share my strength with one who needs a shield against a hostile world…

I do not know…

perhaps it is destined that I should not know…

but another may know…

and understand…

and be grateful.

Winston O. Abbott

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“Trust yourself.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

Speak for yourself.

Be yourself.

Imitation is suicide.

-Marva Collins

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what you feel in your heart

to be right

— for you’ll be criticized anyway.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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There is in every true woman’s heart…

a spark of heavenly fire,

which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity;

but which

kindles up and beams and blazes

in the dark hour of adversity.

-Washington Irving

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Why is it

when we talk to God

It’s called prayer.

And when God talks to us

It’s called schizophrenia ?

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A river of Truth

Ends at a dam of bias–

Truth floods and moves on.

Gloria Steinem

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“Promise me

you will always remember.

You are braver than you believe,


Stronger than you seem,


Smarter than you think.”

Christopher Robin to Pooh

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