Oh, stay put please…

You haul me to a fro

I look here.

I look there.

I can’t seem to know

Just where in the heck

to go !!!

Just stay put

I don’t want my tail

in a hot spot.


if you don’t stay put…

I may be forced to

give your noggin

a caboodle of



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The wives are lonely

the email message says

as neighbors create a modern garden fence,

Straying to the local grocery

for time to speak in private.

Begin a trek, with expectations.

“Is it just a signature?” she says.

A partnership with no definition

by partners left unsaid over time.

A void created with life being caught at the edge.

Unspoken promises not kept,

with the legal agreement remaining in place.

The wives are lonely,

the email message said.




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Rule number 1.

Understand that most people know what is right for most situations.  They are unwilling to hold themselves accountable, therefor, they unknowingly do not do the right thing.

Rule number 2.

Understand that some people aren’t “really” happy for other people.  Therefor, they may point that out that you flew a crooked line, rather than see they are still stuck on the ground.

Rule number 3.

Understand that people who feel they are above you do not recognize they live with the illusion of substance.  Therefor, do not be concerned if they act as if they do not see you.

Rule number 4.

Understand that sometimes you only need a small break to get where you need to be.  Therefor, do not be afraid to go there.

Rule number 5.

Understand that you do not need to see every detail of something to comprehend what you see.  Therefor, make decisions quickly and move on.

Rule number 6.

Understand that when your ship comes in, you cannot be standing on the beach watching it go by.  Therefor, be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

Rule number 7.

Understand that there are simply things you will never understand.  Therefor, be grateful for the pause that nature gives us each day.


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