I have no gift of patience

now that time in life is short.

I couldn’t see the way ahead

like a ship without a port.

I didn’t want to wait so long

to finally get a clue.

I really expected more from life

and have high expectations of you.

Changes big and small with

confidence turning the key

will open the lock

to where I’ll grow  and bloom

and see the gifts in store for me.



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I wish for

fruit trees

strawberry fields

all you can eat

you pick it

groundsthe dust of hay

the end of a day

you pick it

barnbubbling steam


turning milk into cream

you pick it

kitchenat the end of the day

in the shade from the

sun’s waning rays

I would like to pick it.

porch swingtraces of old

embedded with new

I would like to pick it

fencegiven just a bit more time

if somehow I could really make it mine

I would pick it.

front of house

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I know a secret

which presents itself with


Bringing out delicate curves

to lure

forward the intricacies

of form


and illusion.

I know a secret.

I’ll share it with you.

snow coming off the garage roof

3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

February 13, 2012

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Small places

quiet spaces.

Empty faces

upon my return.

Sitting tight

waiting with all

my might

to turn empty faces

Back toward those

small places.

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I looked outside

to take a walk and wondered

Will the rain make my hair curl?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will the cars splash water on me?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will I slip on the wet leaves?

I looked outside to take a walk and wondered

Will my coat become wet?

I looked outside to take a walk and decided

To find out.



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Nothing ever really disappears…

Prompted by those who went before us.

Persuading those who will come after.

The mark is left,

in just a single moment in time.


With indelible nuances

We never, even see.

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My paradigm defines

a perception of Space and time.

And if time says

I’m not here

Then the Space I have left will soon disappear.

And if time says

Go at it again.

Then the Space will spread out

to Encompass and Befriend.

And if time says

Turn and move this way

Then the Space will provide a

guiding Light


an Insight with which to display.




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to see around

the next corner

which doesn’t exist.

Bringing me back to my

Circular logic

To see the same thing in a

Different way.



Loussac Library building

Anchorage, Alaska


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Torn between now and coming

Wanting to learn to

Ignore what’s past.

Living in limbo

Imagining the future.

Grateful for the experience and

Harboring the hope

To soon be free.


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Echos of others

while life goes quickly by us.

Reflections assault

the spirit within for now

to bring forth new contentment.



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