said his math teacher,

when I wrote out my main concerns.


she said to my child

as if his mother wasn’t worth the turn.

“Hurry up, I’ve got  mommy duty,”

states the English teacher then.

What am I, chopped liver?

as they tuned out a child’s chance to win.

Wow, just Wow

my feelings numb, because I just don’t see the care.

As if anyone bothering with me

would only be on a dare.

I’ve learned that numbing over the years

to sheath my spirit in a drape

at home,  at school

it’s all the same,

the rent in my heart

continues to gape.


Dear Kevin Lindsay,

This is the face you have chosen for your Anchorage School District homepage.  The page where you introduce yourself to parents.

My child told me of how you were physically and verbally aggressive toward the students in her class.  Slamming your fist on the table, yelling at them.

And when you were not doing those things, you were ignoring the class by talking on your cell phone and messing around on your computer.

This is how teachers at Wendler Middle School present themselves?  I don’t see the humor after listening to my child describe your class.

I have requested in writing that you stay away from my child and that was not honored.

Kevin Lindsay, you are the face of Wendler teachers to me.  You represent an unsafe environment and the continuation of children not being protected from aggressive teachers.  And my tax dollars are paying for this.


of a reechoed sound

long hanging in the air

or in the ground.

Seeds planted,

leaving a lasting round



sources not to be found.


Never leaving, going nowhere



continue to surround

Come down to the sound

to the smallest degree

Come down

and feel the

Reverberations with me.

If you chose to hide

them now,

Remember and know


never leave,


take on the life of a lie,

and continue

to grow.

Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery

Anchorage, Alaska

Friday, July 15th, 2011

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