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I know a secret

which presents itself with


Bringing out delicate curves

to lure

forward the intricacies

of form


and illusion.

I know a secret.

I’ll share it with you.

snow coming off the garage roof

3014 Madison Way

Anchorage, Alaska

February 13, 2012

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Hanging on by a thread…


the price is right.

but it needs some length.


and since you’re only 14,

let’s cover up a bit more.

All ready!

Small places

quiet spaces.

Empty faces

upon my return.

Sitting tight

waiting with all

my might

to turn empty faces

Back toward those

small places.

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quilt R square…

Pi are round…

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Bricks and mortar,

each one in the assigned place.

Deceptive in appearance,

turning ’round  a different face.

Bricks and mortar,

lining up to bring about.

Coming in…going out

some of a lifetime is left to shout.


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floating triangles…

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This was fun, too…

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I enjoyed doing this and wish it could have been developed more…

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There are bugs among us…

pushing against the glass

to drop and wait

Not clever enough

to take a place in line.


stay hidden

among the Greens.

They didn’t

notice the new growth


from last winter,

or detect

the camouflage,

to stay unseen.

so they remain


and never stand out

to experience

the joy of being the

one to survive.




A loss…

when I didn’t even know the thoughts existed.

Gone now, I can’t think the same any more.

Who knew?  I ask myself,

turning inside out and outside in

was simply something I use to be able to do?

A loss…

so I will settle for less than perfect and take

the final step away.

To say, it’s good enough

To put it in the mail

and send it on its way.


small, braided rug for Burton’s birthday.

A little wonky, without the outside butted edge.



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A braid…

Bend and twist,

Stretch and twirl.

Curl and cinch,

frayed into a pinch.

twining, plaiting, braiding.



(Burton’s birthday gift in the making)

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The Word…

for 2011 will be…


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I have no talent…

of which to display,

In gathering of show

for voices.

In motions undone

for dance.

Bending and sculpting

leaving a statement to display.

I have no talent…

of which to share,

For winning accolades

of persuasion when sheltered with

those beyond repair.

I have no talent…

Moving among those warehoused,

Speaking to those still silent,

Pushing those motionless

past an edge smooth with

countless rubbings back and forth.

I have no talent…


I am the reason those with talent…

May shine.

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Am I scary ?

It just all depends…

Upon whatcha’ been doin’ lately…



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never get it perfect…

we poke, we prod.

we pull, we yank.

we have magical thinking,

and think…

that just by thinking

what is in our mind…

will magically appear…

And sometimes…

It does!


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She says I have it wrong…

But they’ve been that way

For ever so long.

I’ve had them there

And they’ve been wrong all along.

The colors reminding me of such a happy face.

I didn’t see until just now when you said,

“That house is on its side,

Like it’s going to bed.”

I don’t think I’ll change it

since I’m fond of the look

And some day when she’s famous

We’ll make it the cover of her book.


(Kim’s 1st grade paintings, 2003)

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when emotions are held silent…

words will have to do.


(made with

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She still plays…

only now it’s called costumes.

To flitter, float or become a fairy.

To gloom, glom and become a ghoul.

To twinkle, sparkle and become it all

on her way…

To becoming so very…



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Math is simply

the creation of order.

Not that it makes sense to me.


If I take an imposed order

and recreate a different order

am I still limited by old concepts and formats?


Is Math a Creative Expression of


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